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2020 edit: Back in 2016, I thought of a future world where most people will work in unconventional offices, a thought that became a reality in 2020. As a result of the “work from home” approach in response to the global pandemic, the boundaries between home and office have blurred and our needs have changed. In this project, I identified the features needed for working in an improvised office and turned them into a compact device.


A portable light, designed for people who like to work outside the box. The idea for this product was born due to a need I detected for work outside a defined office and for the necessity of different lighting while working. The adaptable light enhances the interaction between the person and his computer by upgrading the computer to a complete portable workstation. In my study, I learned about both the functional and the psychological aspects of working in a computerized environment, and the use of the computer as both a working tool and a communication tool, and designed the product upon them.


Minimalistic bricks, a tool made to explore shape and composition in the work environment



Process models of attachment mechanism and electronics


Proportions and volumes exploration

The flashlight’s design and function were inspired by iconic stationery products. It is colorful, compact, and fun, intended to create a joyful and productive working environment. The flashlight has a soft light mode facing the user, suitable for business video calls, and a stronger light mode facing the working area for comfortable continuous work. The user can customize the light according to his needs with a simple twist. The device easily connects to the laptop screen thanks to a silicone-coated clip and recharges with a USB cable.


The final product in use

‏‏portfolio - עותק.jpg

Soft light towards the user, strong light towards the workspace

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