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Selected projects from collaborations of mine with prominent industrial, technology-led companies in the fields of IoT, automotive, medicine, and innovation. As part of these teams, I designed interactive interfaces and demos, both digital and tangible, as well as conferences and exhibition design, while creating novel experiences and interactions between humans and computers, robots, and machines. My work is presented below.

Photography: Coretigo

CORETIGO, 2018-2020. CoreTigo is an Industrial IoT company, developing mission-critical wireless communications for Industry 4.0 applications. The company’s solutions are designed to reduce the complexity of industrial automation systems, enable flexibility and mobility, and simplify access to more valuable data across the enterprise. As part of the team, I explored HCI and HMI and designed the software's interface, connecting the humans with the cobots and machines they operate, as well as interactive demo stations for conferences.

Exhibitions: SPS 2019, Hannover Messe 2019, FoodtechIL 2019

Photography: MDGO

MDGO, 2018-2020. MDGO is developing a real-time trauma analysis system for vehicles by utilizing existing sensors and connectivity applications. My role was to design the technology's software interface, analyzing the accident and the damage, alongside conference booths, and popups. If there's a car crash, the system creates a medical report regarding the type and severity of the passengers' injuries in seven seconds and delivers it automatically to first responders and relevant hospitals. 

Exhibitions: Winter Summit 2018, MIXiii-Biomed 2019, CES 2019

Photography: Neuroderm

NEURODERM, 2018-2020. NeuroDerm is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of products for patients with moderate-to-severe Parkinson's disease. The company has developed a line of products administered through a patch or belt pump enabling new, continuous, and controlled routes of administration for existing drugs that may enhance their efficacy. As part of the design team, I created an interactive interface to present the firm’s technology at medical and technological conferences and designed the exhibition booths.

Exhibitions: MDS 2018, MDS 2019