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In an average shower, one will use approximately 40L of water, which produces 1L of moisture throughout the bathroom. In order to recycle and maximize water use, I designed a planter that waters the plants it holds by absorbing moisture off of the bathroom walls. The planter allows the users to interact with nature by bringing a piece of it into their urban home with little to no effort needed. Once it is set on the bathroom wall the cycle will begin and maintain itself, while enhancing the natural well-being of the tenants.

I wanted the product to blend in with the bathroom’s atmosphere and suit the plants growing inside it. And more than that, I wanted the person taking a shower to feel that he is a part of the ecosystem his apartment holds. Thus, the values I chose to guide me through my research were life in the urban environment, functionality, and simplicity.

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Design that allows the moisture slide into the planter


Hidden hanging system

The planter clings to the wall in a tight grip and creates a seamless slide, allowing the accumulated moisture on the wall to drain into it and water the plants. It is hanged on a hidden suction cup, attached to the bathroom tiles, so it can be easily removed and hanged back.

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Design process sketches

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Experimental options for the capture of moisture


Off the wall planter ideas

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